As of June 2020, I graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. I did both on office and site internships, and I took part in the Erenköy Mental and Neurological Diseases Hospital competition project at Zafer Akay Yapı İşliği. I also tried to improve myself in my student years by taking part in diverse projects, workshop and seminar. In February 2021, I participated in the “Occupational Safety and Health” certification program organized by the Elginkan Foundation. In 2019, I took part during 2 weeks in “Açık Kaynak : Perşembe Pazarı” organized by Kale Design ve Art Center and “SPA : Space, Play and Architecture” organized by the Mimarlar Odası. In the same year, I participated in the “Protection and Recovery of Archaeological Assets” certificate program organized by Koç University and The British Archeology Institute through the online education system. Throug the succes scholarship I received from the Türk Üniversiteli Kadınlar Association, I have attend various trainings from 2018 to the present date.